Article originally posted on ABC News 4 July 2015 by Liz Hobday

Almost one in five young people in regional Victoria cannot find work, fresh unemployment figures show.

The figures, from the Victorian Council of Social Services (VCOSS), indicate statewide youth unemployment stands at 16.1 per cent.

In Melbourne, the youth unemployment rate is 16.3 per cent, but the rate is higher in regional areas: in Warrnambool, 20.3 per cent; Geelong, 21 per cent; and in the Hume region in the north-east, 21.4 per cent.

“Youth unemployment is an absolute crisis in Victoria,” VCOSS chief executive Emma King said.

“We have got youth unemployment at levels that we simply haven’t seen since the global financial crisis. On top of that we’ve seen a significant shift in employment overall.

“So for young people, because there has been such a shift in employment and from manufacturing to the service industry, young people simply aren’t getting their fair share of jobs.”

There are almost 90,000 young Victorians out of work and not enough jobs to go around.

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