Latest Roy Morgan research on rising youth unemployment shows link to depression, anxiety and stress

Roy Morgan has released their latest research into the rise of youth unemployment and what they see as a connection to mental health issues in young Australians.

 From 2010 to 2014, the number of young job seekers had nearly doubled and the added stress to find a job but also get their careers started were impacting their mental health.  The report found of those 18-24 year olds looking for work last year, 28% were found to have anxiety and over 41% were affected by stress.

Angela Smith, Group Account Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“The rise of youth unemployment in Australia is a huge source of concern, and the Federal Government needs to address it before it gets any more widespread.


“At this critical stage of a young person’s life and career, the failure to find a job can have serious implications on their self-esteem and general mental health. It is no coincidence that stress, anxiety, depression and even panic attacks have sky-rocketed in incidence over the past five years among 18-24 year olds as unemployment rises.


 “While these mental health conditions are affecting more Aussies of all ages, young Australians are being hardest hit. While 14.5% of the population were affected by depression last year, this shot up to one quarter of young job-seekers. Not only is this sad, it puts more pressure on our already stretched healthcare system.” 

For more information on the research, please contact Vaishali Nagaratnam via email at Roy Morgan or click here.

Depression alcohol and unemployment

Depression alcohol and unemployment: what is the association between two major health and social problems, unemployment and a major depressive episode. What is the impact of different durations of unemployment? What are risk factors for alcohol intoxication for a major depressive episode among the unemployed.

Major depressive episode related to long unemployment and frequent alcohol intoxication was a study by the National Public Health Institute, Department of Mental Health and Alcohol Research, Helsinki, Finland. (Read More)

Relationship between Depresssion, Alcohol and Unemployment

Relationship between Depresssion, Alcohol and Unemployment

The study looked at major depressive episode during the last 12 months, plus current and past employment status and frequency of alcohol intoxication. They found that long term unemployment is associated with increased risk of major depressive episode. Frequent alcohol intoxication among long term unemployed individuals greatly increases the risk of depression.





The causes and consequences of long term unemployment will be addressed at the Long Term Unemployment conference. The call for papers for Long Term Unemployment conference are now open. Our delegates would be greatly interested in presentations on depression, alcohol, depression and unemployment. The conference will also feature policy and programs for the long term unemployed and health-related behaviour and employment status.

The Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference 2014, is a national conference focusing on at risk groups for Long-Term Unemployment | Mature Age | Youth | Long Term UnemploymentIndigenous | Disability | Regional . The conference will be held on 18-19 August 2014, QT Hotel Surfers Paradise.  Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference is an initiative of the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association, an incorporated non-government, not for profit organisation.

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