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My name is Frederick. I’m a designer with over seven years of expertise in health care, residential, industrial and recreational building comes.

In 2015 I started my very own half time follow to manage my work higher whereas raising my precious little youngsters. I have transitioned to lead a full-time bailiwick project ever since. In recent years I have undertaken many institutional comes. I have additionally worked as a Project consultant for a few industrial and recreational comes.

Frederick Sanchez profile

By functioning from my very own follow and knowledge permit Pine Tree State to get the liberty to accept a mixture of project sorts and sizes. It additionally provides Pine Tree State with the bravery and talent to follow every project through each section of construction and style. I feel by personalizing the services supports my shoppers in achieving their goals.

I presently reside in Sydney with my husband and two daughters. I like to travel to new places and have some adventures with my family. For a few additional free time, I want to jot down regarding DIY comes in residential level. There’s nothing more well-off than having a house created by our own hands.

Having two daughters build Pine Tree State notice that I have to form such a snug atmosphere to measure. A home is the first place to find out. That’s why making an attempting to entertain my daughters with everything I have in my house is exciting to work on behalf of me. I continually anticipate to share and gain my experiences with everybody regarding DIY comes and artistic works.